Gabriel's Mask 2nd Pic

Gabriel's Mask 2nd Pic
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sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

The Theater's Mask - "The Night Just Before the Forests"

"The Night Just Before the Forests" was the play I saw yesterday with my friends from Fine Artes. Adapted for 3 characters by "El teatro de los oficios". It was a very interesting, vulgar, funny and entertaining. The cursed a lot, but that didn't stoped me xD. The scenic area was different than normal, I'm gonna give you a map of how was it... I don't own any drawing or programs such as Photoshop... so I'm gonna do it on Paint :P.
The scenery's kinda like this:
The red areas are the scenic are, the grey areas are the chairs, and there are 2 Benches where the characters sat and do lots of stuff. The 2 squares were used, but only at the start, it was open by side, but a long cloth covered it. Ok, at first when the public came and sat, all 3 characters were standing in the middle. When the music stopped, two of the characters went to the squares and the bold one sat on the bench on the right. Then the play started :P. There was a lot of movement, but still, I enjoy it.

This are the people who acted in this play, I also know each one of them. They are teachers from Drama School of Fine Arts of Dominican Republic. From left to right: Ivan Mejía, Richardson Días & Pedro Sierra. All actors from the theater group "El teatro de los oficios".

Their trademark's so original. It is also kind of sad and slave. But's mah point of view. See yaa!

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