Gabriel's Mask 2nd Pic

Gabriel's Mask 2nd Pic
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sábado, 8 de enero de 2011

A Look-In Interesting to Smashing Pumpkins?

I was playing Rock Band 2 the other day with some of my friends, and I noticed "Today - Smashing Pumpkins", when I heard the song I wanted to download it on my PC, then I heard other songs like "Cherub Rock", "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" & "1979", I got the felling of a band from the 90's, cuz I was a Nirvana fan & I knew it was from the 90's, by the popular need for screaming and shredding the guitar like that (I'm refering myself to Bullet with Butterfly Wing), but when I noticed Cherub Rock, it felt like Nirvana but less noisy, & I could concentrate on the guitar riffs & even searched the song tab to play it on my guitar. I felt a mass of movement like the first time I heard Nirvana on MTV, then I went to my friend's house to play Rock Band, because I wanted to search more songs from the 90's. It is a good idea to look for the Guitar Hero and Rock Band songs, I was happy when I saw "Let There Be Rock" by "AC/DC" & even "Living on a Prayer" by "Bon Jovi", I used to listen to this kind of music every day with my father 6 years ago (he's still alive by the way). But I got this weird conmotion when I saw the name "Smashing Pumpkins", the way how to shred the guitar, every part of the song got me inspired to do very interesting stuff, I got inspired to write down a paragraph of a song :3. Smashing Pumpkins is kind of new to me, cuz I might heard a song before, but don't remember.

Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream... I like this album cover, it made me to cry a little bit, apparently don't know the reason why, but heck, it's inspiring.

I was searching about how they looked, Smashing Pumpkins was a trio on the album Adore... it's kind of black and emo... well... just a song xD, but Rocktoon made a Good job.

Well, that's fine for me, See yaa other time!

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