Gabriel's Mask 2nd Pic

Gabriel's Mask 2nd Pic
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jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

Gabriel's Mask: Same Songs... Tiring Songs

Gabriel's Mask: Same Songs... Tiring Songs: Hey, we all have that songs in our playlist that every time it gets played we change it, right? And remember when you used to play that song...

Same Songs... Tiring Songs

Hey, we all have that songs in our playlist that every time it gets played we change it, right? And remember when you used to play that song over and over? Today I began thinking about this issue. I'm a music lover, I lover to sing and play the guitar and to listen to a bunch of songs. The point is that we have that song or that band, right? Well, I made an experiment which I started today and maybe post the results. It consist of deleting the songs out of your MP3 player (iPod, Cellphone, etc.)... If you listen to music on your personal computer, then make a new playlist with some songs you like. Then when you have like maybe a week or two without the song, try to listen to it again in youtube, this time, not the original song, I'm talking about a Live video or a cover (this works sometimes). There are very few songs that  can be played in any mood, there are romantic songs, sad songs, happy songs, trashy songs, etc. Create a playlist according to the different moods you have through the day.

♪ If you discovered a song, don't downloaded right away, I discover most of my songs through youtube, and I use to love them when I watched the music video or just the song. Well, yes. Because I felt at that moment that I wanted to listen to that song. 

♫ It's always to have more than 1 song from an artist. I never download an entire album like right away, I listen to every song of the album, and then I download the ones I want. There are going to be few albums that every song it contain it's going to be of your like. There's is going to be a really awesome song, and there's going to be a mood crasher, expect this.

I used to be a fan of:
AC/DC - I hate them now, I just can't listen to any of their songs. The beat of the songs are just too repetitive 
The Killers - Got tired of their songs because I only listened to The Killers only at that time
Nirvana - Don't know what happened there

Now I listen to a lot of music, and I don't say I'm a fan anymore. I can say that my favorite bands are:
Queen, Bacilos, Florence + The Machine, Keco Fontana, Robert Skoro + Megadeth

I have ton of their songs, I never got tired of them because they are different in their own way. Well, I'm getting kind of tired of F+TM, but that's gonna fly away.

I hope this was helpful for you all. This is my first post of 2012, I think... follow me on twitter for some quotes and for some video links @gabrielajii

Im leaving 2 songs of each of my favorite bands:
Robert Skoro - In Line (sorry, this is the only song of him I could find)

Enjoy (: