Gabriel's Mask 2nd Pic

Gabriel's Mask 2nd Pic
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sábado, 16 de julio de 2011

July 16th... Ma Day

Like always, I went running to bed. I get scared everytime I turn off the lights and notice what time it is. Lots of people told me Devil's Hour was around 3am. I never sleep at 3, but I sometimes sleep at 2am or even at 1am. I get scared because it's close to 3am. Well, there's a bird nest right next to my window, wich they always wake me and my brother Abraham at 5am, today... yes, they woke me up, but I remember that I heard the weird sound our windows makes, and the bird finally shutted up. Abrahm did crashed the window like 2 times, I even asked him, "When the birds woke me up, I heard a noise... was that you?", he said yes, we all laughed, we got drunk (I don't remember that .__.), we went to a party (I don't remember that either :3), we murdered a guy (I'm not sure), and we played Call of Duty (I'm not sure, but I'm quite sure it was Super Smash Bros Brawl). Today my father, Abraham (oldest brother) and me, went to eat lunch at a restaurant near the ocean (5 minutes from my house). There was my uncle Jose, Peter, my grandmother Pascuala (my dad's mother) and some friends of my uncle Peter and Jose. The friends were two chubby guys, one was 18 or 19  years old (ok, this is quite funny, this guy left to get some air like 4 times and my dad, my uncle Jose, a friend of my uncle Jose called Rosa who came like 10 later, and we brothers laughed and said this guy really looked like Chucky xD, they said imagine that guy, in the middle of the night, poking your bedroom window, with a knife in his hand, and with thunerbolts as a background, they all laughed and stuff), and the other friend who was 21 years old. We ate a lot, and after that we went home, and I watched One Piece :P, right now im on episode 122. So this is another entry to Gabriel's Mask. Thank you for reading.

viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

July 15th... (2011) Theatre friends (Part 1)

I made lots of friends in theatre classes. Some are funny, other serious, other smart, brilliant, creative, outstanding and some are unknown. But I'll talk about everyone from my class. Ok, first I'll start with Elba; she's really awesome, when she's in class, she's serious, really confident and sometimes has the aspect of the leader. Teachers always give her the title of "Leader", "Boss" or even better "Director". But when classes are over, she can be the funniest girl you'll ever meet. If you're against her she'll argue, BUT, she never gets real serious. Now, I'll talk about Bill; a really confident man, strong, smart and REALLY FUNNY. I see him like the oldest brother of the class, his 30 years old, but, what the heck, that's still a young age. Bill has lots of different experiences, that makes him smart and confident about his doing. Here's another great girl; Maribel. She's really great on almost everything, I see her as a great actress. When I saw her monologue, I got impressed, I even liked it. She's a great girl, really funny and creative. Even if she looks like a 16 year old teen, she sure has a big heart. There's gonna be more of my friends, we're like 20 XD. This was today's Gabriel's Mask.

jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

July 14th ... (2011) J & K [Old friends I can't never forget]

Today a friend came home, Joel's his name, one of my neighbors. We get along well, he's been my friend since I was 11. We talk about videogames, progams, movies and lots of stuff. We founded an old game for my computer: DMC 3, he said he used to beat it the whole time when he had his PS2. I sure has lots of memories about him, he's younger than me, and has lots of stuff to learn about life. Here's another important friend: Kiki (Jose David), I don't know why we call him Kiki, it's funny and even his older brother calls him like that. He's chubby, smart, funny and a videogamer too. He's in a band called "Feeding the Bears", a metal band... it's not a great band like Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Mastodon... but they're somehow ok. They're not pros, but I still give them credit. I know Kiki since I was... 8 years old? I don't remember, but he's an old friend I can't never forget. Oh, I'm stil in my house...  I really need to go out and have some fun somewhere. Cheers and have a... Happy Halloween? xD

lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

5 Days... I could do this the whole summer! (July 11th, 2011th)

Wassup? My vacations just started. The thing is, I love watching anime, so I've been watching Nichijou, One Piece (Ep 80), ROD the TV, and more stuff. While the video loads, I get a joystick and play SSB in a crappy nintendo64 emulator :'( (I miss the old days). And, One Piece is getting exciting, Nichijou it's getting funnier, my facebook friends are really bored and twitter is full of reggaeton lyrics and "love" poems :/. So, this is my summer, I finished theater classes last week... and finished school on June 6th... so my vacation officially started :3